about our company

Family-Owned.   Family Motivated.

We are so grateful to have the unique opportunity to shape the daily learning and development of children - we don't ever take that for granted. We put our heart and soul into every inch of the platform so it's of the highest quality and are very intentional about making it accessible, both in terms of design and price. 

We believe that they are all our children and every child deserves access to high quality child care

As parents ourselves, we are so grateful for the passionate, dedicated, caring child care professionals who help nurture, support, develop and love our children. Child care professionals have one of the hardest and most important jobs in the world and they deserve to be supported.

Our community is a movement of people who envision a future where all parents and caregivers know what it means to learn through play
Our children are better for it.

Come join our community, we're so glad you're here!

Our mission

The Rayz Kidz team

to support the whole child and those who care for them

The visionary and driving force behind Rayz Kidz, Annie is a mom of three young kids who started the company out of her own deep desire to improve her children's development.  She took her business background, creativity, and mom-fueled passion and created a platform that applies modern technology and resourceful thinking to help solve a societal problem: making high quality child care accessible and affordable to all.

She teamed up with her forever idol, mentor and biggest supporter to bring this vision to life: her Dad.

who we are

Annie Delaney
Co-Founder & CEO

Annie Delaney | Co-Founder & CEO

The strategic, business savvy leader behind Rayz Kidz, Bob utilizes his 40 years of corporate and executive experience to guide the team to best achieve the company mission. As a father of three daughters and grandfather of eight young children, he knows the importance of early childhood development and is motivated to serve the parents and child care professionals who are doing the important work of influencing the next generation.

He is grateful for the opportunity to work closely with his daughter and couldn't be prouder of what they've created.

Bob boudreau
Co-Founder & Chairman

Bob boudreau | Co-Founder & Chairman

The playful, creative voice behind the Rayz Kidz activities, Lydia combines her years of teaching experience, her expert knowledge gained at Harvard Graduate School of Education, and her adoration for children and professionals in the early childhood field to design an innovative approach to a curriculum that meets the needs of teachers of young children and their families. She is passionate about equity and joined the Rayz Kidz team (to their delight!) to make a difference in the lives of children and those who care for them. 

Lydia has brought insight, new approaches, a whole lot of care to the team. She is grateful she can make fun, engaging learning activities accessible to professionals and families that represent the voices and teachings of her brilliant mentors, coworkers and friends.

lydia mackie
 Director of Learning & development

lydia mackie | Director of Learning
            & Development

We're grateful to the people who make up our incredible support system who brings our work to life. From the team who creates relatable, helpful content to those who design and develop the app to be easy to use and of highest quality and to those who keep the many pieces running smoothly. We work with the best team in the world and have the product to show for it!


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