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Parents love to know what’s going on with their kids during the day, especially what they’re learning. Your kids have likely been proud to show off their learning at the end of the day through the artwork, science project, or nature collection they’ve made. It’s harder to show parents what kids are learning when they’re learning through play. They’re doing all kinds of “work” that supports their healthy development and teaches them important life skills however, it’s often unrecognized by parents because it doesn’t result in a tangible product. As a caregiver, you can bridge that gap by connecting the dots for parents. 

Parents are understandably concerned about their child staying academically competitive. Many parents hear of their child “just playing” all day and worry they’re falling behind in learning. Let parents know how the activities their kids engage in through play are actually excellent learning activities. If parents have a particular area of concern, spotlight an activity their child loves to do and outline how it connects to that specific area of learning. 

Reassure parents that play is a child’s work


You may think in terms of fine motor skills and emergent literacy but most likely, the parents you work with don’t know what those terms mean. By using common language and tying together relevant ECE terms and an activity, you can help parents connect the dots. For example, letting parents know their child spent part of the afternoon in imaginary play making several costume changes on their favorite doll and that activity really helps develop the fine motor skills they’ll need to begin writing. 

Use language parents can understand


Using the Rayz Kidz app, parents can see the development domains and associated skills being built with each activity. In a photo you share with parents, it may look like the kids are just jumping between pillows in a circle. With the app, parents will see that the children are building the cognitive skill of memory, they are building the physical skill of gross motor and they are developing school readiness skills such as spatial awareness. Parents will feel great about all their kids are learning.

Utilize a tool that helps bridge the gap


Using the app, here's what both parents and providers will see:

Hundreds of activities at your fingertips. 
New themed activities added weekly.

A carousel of photos and videos demonstrates how to perform each activity

Clear directions, tips, modifications and materials substitutions make the activities easy to implement

Three developmental domains and a related skill are highlighted for each activity

Facilitation description and prompts give caregivers the tools to lean into each domain to fully leverage the learning

Skill definitions are available for further understanding of the benefits to a child

The app for high quality childcare

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Efficiently share events of the day, keeping parents updated in real-time. No more waiting until pick-up, scattered texts and paper logs!

Share photos and videos of the kids within private albums by family

Access hundreds of fun, educational activities for mixed age groups that are simple to facilitate at home, kept fresh with new theme-based activities added each week!

In app chat to keep conversations and group updates organized

Shared calendar to keep everyone on the same page

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See the App In Action

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