What are the features of the App?
- Real-time Updates: Caregivers can log the day’s events to keep parents informed and make them feel like a part of the kid’s day.
- Activities: Custom activities that are kid-tested and offer a variety of arts & crafts, science, language, math and movement. Each activity comes with pictures, clear directions and a list of materials.
- Photo Sharing: Invite your close circle of family and friends to safely view and share photos and videos of your children. Comment, like, download and enjoy these cherished memories together.
- Check out our features page for more information

What are the benefits of a Premium Subscription?
Premium Subscription unlocks loads more hands-on, fun, educational activities to do at ease at home and tons of storage for your photos and videos!

What is the cost of a Premium Subscription?

- With a Premium Subscription, the first month is free, then is $14.99 per month for the whole family. The account holder, who created the child’s profile, will be charged through their Apple ID or Google Play account. The account holder can then add other parents, caregivers and others to access the child’s account at no additional cost.
- The Premium benefit of access to all Rayz Kidz activities extends to those users assigned to the child’s account that are in the role of “Parent” or “Caregiver”. “Viewers” on a child’s account that do not themselves have a Premium Subscription will only have access to the select featured activities. There can be up to 4 parents and 4 caregivers per child.
- After a Premium Subscriber’s free month trial, the person’s Apple ID or Google Play account will automatically be charged $14.99 USD for the month. The subscription automatically renews each month unless cancelled within 24 hours prior to the end of the period. A user may cancel a subscription at any time by turning off auto-renew in Settings.

I’m interested in signing up and adding my child’s profile, where do I start?
1. Register for the app by entering your name, email and a password
2. Choose the Premium Subscription or free version (Premium gives you access to the full offering of activities + lots more storage to safely store all those precious memories)
3. Go to Settings -> Add a Child

How do I invite family and friends to my child’s account?
1. Go to Settings->Manage Access
2. You can add 3 people at a time to each child you have set up
3. Assign a role to each as appropriate for each child (refer to “Role Types” below for more information)
4. Press “Invite” then add another 3, continuing as you wish
5. Each person will receive an email with instructions on how to download
6. To update access, Settings->Manage Access->Current Access and remove as necessary and enter updated email address or toggle between role types.

I’m a family/friend and would like to view a child’s account, how can I gain access?
- If you’ve already signed up for the app, you’ll automatically be granted access to children whose account creator added you.
- If you haven’t signed up for the app, ask the parent for access at which point you’ll receive an email with notification to sign up. Upon registering, select “I’ve been invited by a parent” to skip the steps of determining the subscription type. You can always upgrade anytime if you choose.

Are there different types of account users?
- Anyone that signs up for the app has the same basic functions of the ability to add a child, logs events for that child, access the featured activities and related materials list, and the ability to add photos and videos of your child or those you have access.
- Users with a Premium Subscription have access to all Rayz Kidz activities and related materials lists as well as significantly more storage.
- The account creator is the person who created the profiles for a child. This person can manage access to the child’s account by inviting others and assigning an appropriate role which impacts access levels. Refer to the section below on “Role Types” for more information.

What are the different types of roles I can assign to invited users?
Each person invited to an account can be assigned one of three roles: Parent, Caregiver and Viewer. These are determined by the account creator and can be customized by child.

The account creator is the only person able to manage access to their child’s account.
Each child can be assigned up to 4 parents, 4 caregivers and 20 viewers.

Can we try it for free?
Absolutely! Anyone can join for free, however, there are much more expansive benefits for Premium subscribers. You can store up to 2GB of photos and videos for free.

You can also try out the Premium Subscription as the first month is free! You can cancel your subscription anytime.

I’d like to upgrade to a Premium Subscription, how should I go about that?
- Upgrade anytime by going into the app, Settings->Manage Subscription
- You’ll be charged through your Apple ID or Google Play account after your 1 month free trial ends.

How can I cancel my Premium Subscription?
- Cancel anytime through your phone’s “Settings” area to access your subscriptions
- Cancel at least 24 hours before the period ends to not be charged for the following month.

I don’t have children to add to the app but I still would like a Premium Subscription for access to all the activities, is that possible?
Yes! Anyone can sign up for a Premium Subscription, it is not dependent on having a registered child.

Note that if you are a Parent or Caregiver on a child’s account whose creator is a Premium subscriber, you will also have Premium access.

I am having trouble logging in to the app, who should I contact?
We’re sorry about that, please contact us at info@rayzkidz.com so we can help troubleshoot.

What devices support the app?
The app is compatible with Apple iPhones and iPads as well as Android phones and tablets.

What personal data do I need to provide to use the app?
Just your name, email address and a chosen password

Who can see my personal data and other data I submit on the app?
Certain employees and contractors will be granted as minimal access as is required to operate the app, to troubleshoot, to investigate issues and to analyze usage to continue making improvements to the app.

How long does Rayz Kidz keep your data?
- Your data and the information you enter to the app is stored for as long as you have an active account. If you chose to cancel, your information will be kept for 30 days from the date of your cancellation confirmation, then will be deleted.
- If you unsubscribe from our email list or notifications, that information will be maintained to ensure we respect your request to not receive emails from us.

Please contact info@rayzkidz.com with any additional questions, comments or feedback.

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