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After spending most of my adult life working in corporate America, I felt a deep calling to create this app for myself and all other working parents who struggle to feel connected to their kids while working.

For years, my head would be in two places at once, trying to focus at work but always thinking about what was going on at home. I knew my girls were in great hands with our amazing caregiver, but I still craved to know more.

What were they eating?
How were they spending their time?
Not to mention how much time I spent scrolling through
my camera roll to find pictures of my babies. 

With the support of my family, I found the courage and clarity to apply my professional skills to create Rayz Kidz. Together with my dad, we’re creating an app that brings peace of mind and joy to families.

They say it takes a village. Well, we’re honored to be part of your village.

hi! I'm Annie,the mom behind rayz kidz.

Welcome to the Rayz Kidz family!
- Annie Delaney