Language Development

First, to talk about the importance of having conversations with young children, let’s begin by discussing the value of what developmental researchers have described as “Serve-and-Return” interactions. This is terminology coined by scientists and developmental experts at the Harvard Center for the Developing Child, a research center dedicated to generating, translating, and disseminating scientific knowledge […]

The rich capacity in humans to communicate through speech, sign language, emotions, and movement is an incredible thing to witness. Many caregivers and parents may wonder what kind of language to expose children to. The most important key to building children’s language and vocabulary is to give them language to describe the things that are […]

Auditory Processing is a pre-verbal skill. It is how the brain recognizes and understands sound information. There are four main parts of Auditory Processing 1: Auditory Awareness: This includes the ability to detect and sound and locate where the sound is coming from. 2: Auditory Discrimination: This includes the ability to tell the differences in […]