School Readiness

Caregivers and parents are likely very familiar with school readiness pressures as children transition from toddler to preschool age. In a panic, they may wonder if they are doing enough, if children will be ready for school, or if their child will be far behind their peers when they join in preschool or kindergarten. However, […]

An early understanding of different shapes can introduce children to a variety of mathematical concepts. Eventually, children begin to understand that a shape name corresponds to a figure with a specific number of sides, and this will be helpful in future math activities in school as children explore geometry, patterns, and problem solving.  Shapes are […]

Emergent writing is an ever-evolving process in the play of a young child: marks that start as scribbles turn into smaller forms, straighter lines, mock letters, and finally, conventional writing. Through these developmental stages, children develop an ability to copy the lines, curves and angles of the alphabet.  Children can understand at an early age […]