Social Emotional Development

Empowering children is a social-emotional topic that is applicable in so many areas of children’s lives. For example, let’s think about the journey children take to learn how to walk: The child experiments with standing as they reach for the edge of a table, they take steps as a caregiver holds their hands and walks […]

Emotions are an important part of the human experience. Emotions are both mental and physical, as we experience the internal flutter of butterflies in our stomach, or feel our cheeks externally flush with embarrassment, or see our sibling’s eyebrows furrow with consternation. Empathy is the ability to understand and respond to the feelings of others– […]

Many experienced caregivers are very familiar with the need to establish routines with children. From the time that children wake up until they lay their little heads on their pillows at night, the day is full of routines. Indeed, children need routines to feel safe and secure, as it helps them to know what comes […]

This key socio-emotional skill is the ability to recognize and name your own emotions and those of others. It is very closely associated with emotional intelligence. There are different levels of skill development with emotional awareness ranging from identification of somatic/visceral reactions up to a full understanding of another’s feelings by seeing themselves in the […]