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How to Help Kids Transition from the Holidays

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When the holidays are over and it’s time to get back into the normal swing of things, it can be hard to get kids out of holiday mode. Here are a few ideas to help. 

1. Let Kids Share Their Excitement from the Holidays
Kids don’t have an on/off button that you can flip to go from completely immersed in holiday fun to back to the everyday routine. Allowing them time to share stories, songs, or pictures about their favorite memories with you and the other kids can help ease the transition back into the normal routine.

2. Stick to a Basic Routine for a Few Weeks
As you’re moving back into normal, don’t add in any special activities or projects. Give kids time to get used to the daily routine again. As they settle back into the basics, they can slowly decompress from the holiday season.

3. Be Patient with Challenging Behaviors
We often think of transitions as moving from one event to another. However, they can also be moving from one part of life to another. When kids are transitioning from a time of high energy, activity, sensory input, and often overwhelm into a time of calm, it’s often hard for them to find their emotional balance again. Hence, it’s natural for challenging behaviors to pop up. As they say, this too will pass.

Remember getting back into your everyday routine is a transition for you too, not just the kids, so just relax into the new year.