The Very Busy Spider is a book about a spider who works diligently to build a beautiful spider web. Many animals come to distract her from her work, but she stays focused and finishes the job. At the end, she has a beautiful spider web that also helps her to catch her food! Let’s make spider webs with some beautiful nature-inspired art. This activity can be a bit too difficult for toddlers, and is more appropriate for three and four year olds.

Set up Time: 10 minutes


Go outside and gather sticks, at least three per child. Gather together your preferred color yarn. We used pink and white but children can use whichever colors they prefer!


  • Sticks
  • Yarn

Learning Through Play

Cognitive: Connections – Spiders are truly incredible creatures, and spider webs are one of the most beautiful and geometric creations of nature. Take some time to look at pictures of spider webs, or go outside to look for some real ones. How do spiders catch their food? What are the webs connected to? How do spiders spin the silk for their webs? Do humans build anything like this?

Physical: Fine Motor – This activity is a great way to practice fine motor skills. It might take some practice to find the right method for wrapping the string around and around, but this is part of the process! If children become frustrated, take a break, or work together to find a way to weave the string.

School Readiness: Spatial Learning – Spider webs are a great way to use spatial language. When you read The Very Busy Spider together, take time to talk about the directions the spider in the book builds her web. Then, talk about how you weave your own yarn around the sticks. Use language such as : around and around, across, diagonal, through, under and over, and behind.

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