Sweet nectar, yummy honey–bees have a pretty nice life full of little sweet treats! Let’s pretend to be bees and have a bee inspired picnic!

We highly encourage children to wear antennae if they have them (see our Strong as an Ant! activity for a simple antenna design). Maybe you all can talk about bees during your picnic or maybe you can make your own bee-language by buzzing!

Set up Time: 10 minutes


Gather together bee inspired foods and drinks and place them out picnic style.

Suggestions for food:

We used honeycomb cereal, honey crackers with honey peanut butter on top, and honey crackers and cheese with honey drizzled on top. Delicious! Other suggestions include: real honeycomb, honey graham crackers, honey bunches of oats, or different types of honey from different flowers (i.e. dandelion, orange blossom, etc.).

Suggestions for a drink:

For our drink we made non-caffeinated fruit tea to represent nectar from flowers. What a treat!


  • Bee inspired foods (cereal, crackers)
  • Tea
  • Honey

Safety warning: Beware of allergies, such as peanut butter and substitute where necessary. Also do not give honey to children under 1 year old.

Learning Through Play

Cognitive: Connections – Talk to children about the flavors they are tasting. Are the items similar or different? What is the sweetest? What combinations taste good together? Which don’t? This is a great way to not only empower children, but also invite them to reflect on the way things fit together.

Language: Conversation – Picnics are a great way to practice using the language of etiquette by modeling it for children. For example, if a child passes you a plate of honeycomb cereal, you can say “Oh thank you my sweet bee! May I please have some nectar too?” Sometimes by exaggerating things with a bit of pomp and silliness, we can actually use it as a chance to model a concept.

School Readiness: Shapes – We love picnics as a way to practice shapes, as often our food comes in an array of geometric and non-geometric forms! Talk about the shapes of your square crackers, rectangle cheese, hexagon honeycomb cereal, and any other shapes you might find in your picnic.

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