Sensory Activities

It feels so special to go get your hair cut, and where appropriate, your beard trimmed! Let’s play barber as we lather up and pamper our pumpkins and gourds! Set up Time: 10 minutes Directions Gather together some of your favorite pumpkins or gourds. Hot glue some googly eyes on them. Gather shaving cream and […]

When talking about your neighborhood and community, you can talk to children about their neighbors. Do they have any? How far or close do they live? Are they young or old? One of the great things about having neighbors is that we can often turn to them for help–whether it’s for help just to borrow […]

Ponds are beautiful spaces teeming with life! Ponds are small area of still fresh water, that flows from a stream or from an underground water source. Ponds are home to wonderful plants that provide food and shelter for lots of animals, and that help to clean the water and the area as well. One of […]

This one is a bit messy one but oh so fun! We’ll take pieces of the earth to create beautiful mud ‘pies’ to appreciate the beauty and fun of nature! Set up Time: 5 minutes Directions Tips Make sure to conduct this under adult supervision as small items can be choking hazards. Materials Learning Through […]

Bubble foam is a crowd favorite for all ages and bound to brighten up any day! Set up Time: 5 minutes Directions Tips This is best played outside to allow kids to full embrace the foam without worry of the mess but can be done inside (have a towel nearby). For some added fun outside, […]

Ice cubes make great blocks–just think of an igloo! In this activity, we make colorful ice in a square ice cube tray, and invite children to construct using ice and salt. Set up Time: 10 minutes (plus freezing overnight) Directions Note: The food coloring might stain fingers and/or clothing and surfaces, so plan accordingly (smocks, […]