This activity is a wonderful way for children to move their bodies and explore the beauty of flowers and nature.

This activity also works well as a homemade gift that children can give to someone they love.

Set up Time: 10 minutes


  1. Draw an outline of a flower pot on a large piece of cardboard. Make one for each child.
  2. Use scissors to create holes above the pot, large enough to fit the stems of flowers.
  3. Invite children to decorate the pot with paint or markers
  4. When the pots are dry, go on a hunt to find flowers or greenery to fill the pot.
  5. Cut down the back of the stems then secure with packing tape.

Note: You can do this over a couple of days.


  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Paint
  • Packing tape

Learning Through Play

Physical: Gross Motor – We love outdoor gathering activities to encourage children to get outside and move their bodies, increase their attention span, and get some nice fresh air! This is part of what we consider to be a whole-child approach, where a healthy body is connected to a healthy mind and spirit.

Social-Emotional: Bonding – We love homemade presents! This is a way to create something that is truly unique, as children look for the perfect flowers that make them think of the people they love.

School Readiness: Sorting – If you know the name of some of the flowers that children found, take some time to name them: “Oh, I see you found some beautiful dandelions!”. Or, if you don’t know the names of them, use a plant identification app (even Google has a function in their search bar). Identifying items in nature is a rich introduction to biological classification that children will use throughout their lives!

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