Art Activities

This activity is a wonderful way for children to move their bodies and explore the beauty of flowers and nature. This activity also works well as a homemade gift that children can give to someone they love. Set up Time: 10 minutes Directions Note: You can do this over a couple of days. Materials Learning […]

Children love bears, and so do we! Bears exist in habitats all over the world, and they are fascinating creatures. Plus, many children love teddy bears that we snuggle when we go to sleep at night. We love books about teddy bears, whether it is Corduroy by Don Freeman, Good Night, Little Bear by Richard […]

This is a great way to introduce process art with young children. This activity is meant to take place over at least three days, and we highly encourage you to slow down and enjoy each part of the process. We outline the days below, so you can plan your week accordingly! Set up Time: 10 […]

This is a cheerful holiday activity that is perfect for working together, eating together, and getting to play a little bit with our food. Invite children to help you chop, organize, and eat this toddler and preschool age friendly charcuterie board that is perfect for the holidays. Note: Modify food as appropriate for children under […]

This activity is a great way to invite children to explore mixing colors. This is a process art activity, where the process of painting, exploring, making predictions, and adaptations is just as valuable as the final product. We love painting on recycled cardboard because it makes for a large and sturdy surface that children can […]

A lovely tradition in Iceland for Christmas Eve is Jolabokflod which means ‘Christmas Book Flood’. At this time, people give each other new books and then spend the evening reading them – with a hot cup of cocoa, of course! For this activity, we make our own books to gift to a loved one. Set […]

This activity is a great way to get children to work together outdoors. To begin, we love foraging activities as a way for children to move their bodies, improve their focus, and notice what plants and objects are available in your closest natural environment. Then, to make a mandala together is a great way to […]

This activity is from our “Ball Games” unit and is proof that learning and fun doesn’t need to be expensive. One of the most simple ways to make a ball is to scrunch up recycled paper. This has benefits for both children’s fine motor skills and gross motor skills, and it’s a free way to […]

Giving people beautiful things is a great way to demonstrate kindness to people that we appreciate in our community. Let’s make a simple vase out of a recycled glass jar to send children home with some lovely flower arrangements. They can either give it to someone they love (a parent or grandparent), a neighbor, or […]

Chalk is one of those every day materials that is so great, because there are endless ways to use it. To check out all of our chalk activities, just type in “chalk” into our search bar to see all the endless ways you can have fun outdoors. This activity is actually a way to use […]

Use potatoes and carrots at home to make fun stamp cars. This fine motor activity is a great way to discuss car vocabulary as well as shapes! Set up Time: 5 minutes Directions Materials Learning Through Play Language: Vocabulary – Use this activity to discuss the parts of cars. Add the body of the car, […]

If children love ocean animals, this is a great way to explore the purpose of fish scales. Have you ever wondered why fish have scales? Well, scales are almost like a body armor for the fish. Fish have scales and are also covered in a layer of mucus that makes them slimy—this helps them to […]