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How to Sell Your Child Care Practice

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As a home-based child care professional, you have to “sell” parents on your program. It’s a big part of how you set your rate. Here are three key areas that are helpful to outline.

1. Your Mission Statement

Mission statements aren’t just for companies. You can develop a mission statement that outlines your vision and values around caring for kids. Let parents know why you do the work you do, and inspire them, making parents want what you’re offering for their child.

2. Your Daily Environment

This is the thing that parents will connect with the most. Let them know what their child’s day will be like with you as a caregiver (big picture, not details). What and how they will learn, what values shape your approach and how you will communicate with, nurture, challenge, support and teach their child. Create a picture in the minds of the parents you want to reach so they can imagine their child in your care, receiving all the things their family values. Make it visible through sharing example activities on the Rayz Kidz app to make play-based learning concrete for parents.

3. How You Support Parents

In early childhood education, the connection with a child’s parents directly impacts the type and quality of the care you can provide the child. Let parents know what they can expect from you, what type of engagement you’d like to have with them, and how you’ll handle special situations like an ongoing discipline issue or trouble their child is having with a friend. Offer transparent, proactive, organized communication through an app like Rayz Kidz to build this ongoing, trusted relationship.

Connecting with parents is necessary for your business and building high enrollment. Having a clear vision of your message is a vital first step.