Child Care Professional

For some parents, their childcare schedule never changes. They start and end care at the same time every day. For other parents, they may not need childcare for all the scheduled hours for a variety of reasons; Mom gets off work early, Grandma decides to take the kids to the park for the afternoon at […]

As an in-home caregiver, you’re the direct communicator with your employer or client. There’s not a department or 3rd party there to share information, field complaints, or work through issues for you. It falls on you. There are a lot of communication tools that can help, and one of the most helpful ones is the […]

It’s great when both you and a parent recognize a specific challenge a child is having (e.g., managing their emotions, breaking into groups on the playground) and work to support change. However, it can be hard to pass along your tips and strategies to parents in a way that doesn’t feel bossy, judgmental, or condescending […]

Having a collaborative relationship with the parents of the kids you care for is an important part of providing care. That relationship allows for easy transitions, open communication around behavior challenges and developmental needs, and helps keep the business end of things aligned. Here are three ways to help build and keep a good relationship.  […]

Saying no to things you don’t have the time or energy for, can’t help with, or simply just don’t want to do for whatever reason is a simple concept that’s hard to execute. As caregivers, we often say yes because we don’t know how to say no in a professional, respectful way. The saying “No […]

Having a work/life balance can be hard when you’re an in-home caregiver. It’s easy for things to get out of whack. You don’t notice the creep, then one day you realize you’re working, working, working and don’t have the time or energy for much else. You know you need to change things but don’t have […]

Self-care and wellness practices are too often seen as things we do before or after work. As child care workers who often work long days, that means on many days we never get to them. The things that help us feel healthier, happier and more balanced become just more things that hang out perpetually on […]

We all know it’s best for kids when their parents and their caregiver are on the same page around behavior challenges. But does that mean as a caregiver you should loop the parents in on every issue that comes up during the day? As a professional provider, you have the know-how, tools and strategies to […]

Professionally responding to a parent’s complaint about your care can be a difficult task. As a child care provider, you love and care for the kids entrusted to you with all your heart and while you’re not perfect, you do your best. When a parent complains over what should be a non-issue or simply provides […]

Working in a private home is hard in certain ways. It’s your workplace but it’s also your employers’ home. That means they often have very specific ways they like certain things done. However, it’s hard for employers to tell their nanny to put grocery items in the fridge this way or fold the laundry that […]

Providing awesome child care is a caregiver’s number one job. Right below that is providing support to the parents. That’s what makes child care in the early years different from all others, how integral the parents and children are, they both need to be supported. At different points, every parent struggles with figuring out the […]

It’s important to know your caregiving philosophy, the why behind how you care for kids, for a lot of different reasons. One is to be able to talk about it with potential clients or employers during the interview so you can make sure you’re on the same page. While your caregiving philosophy and an parent’s […]