This week we are thinking about all the ways that we can bring the outdoors to the indoors. One way is to play island hopping!

This is fun way to get moving, work on listening, recall and gross motor skills! While we show this indoors, children can also do this outdoors. We encourage you to do both and observe the similarities and differences. But keep this in your pocket as a go-to activity on days when it is harder to get outside.

Set up Time: 5 minutes


  1. Spread couch cushions across the floor, near enough to each other that children can jump from one to the other, but far enough away that it presents a challenge (note: place on a rug to prevent slipping)
  2. To prepare, tell the kids what tasks are and ask them to repeat them back to you.
  3. Play music, stop at random times and call out one of the challenges for the kids to do! (see below for suggestions)

Challenge Prompts

  1. Clean The Island: Children pretend to sweep or mop
  2. Person Overboard: Children jump off their island and swim to a new one
  3. Catch A Fish: Children pretend to cast a fishing line and reel in their fish. What kind of fish did they catch?
  4. Grab a Coconut: Children pretend to climb a tree, grab a coconut, crack it open and drink the water inside
  5. Palm Tree: Children stand on one foot with hands raised in the air
  6. Shark Bait: Children hold their hands over their heads like shark fins and swim to a new island
  7. Buried Treasure: Children pretend to dig a hold, bury a treasure chest and fill the hole back in
  8. Volcanic Eruption: Children crouch down low and then jump in the air, exploding like lava out of a volcano
  9. Parrots Everywhere: Children fly like a parrot to a new island
  10. Relax In The Sun: Children lay down, close their eyes and relax


  • Couch cushions or pillows

Learning Through Play

Cognitive: Memory – Start with just a few of the challenges. Can children remember? As they memorize the actions, add more slowly. Children are very kinesthetic learners, which means that they learn new things through movement, so this is a great way for caregivers to see how children process information.

Physical: Gross Motor – The possibilities of movement are endless! As you can see from the prompts, there are movements that can work every muscle in the body.

School Readiness: Spatial Learning – Movement games are a great way to practice spatial learning. See the Tips section for challenge ideas and notice the plethora of spatial vocabulary: Crack open a coconut, drink the water inside, digging a hole, jump in the air, etc.

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