Movement Activities

We hope that every good party has some music! There are lots of great dance songs for a party: children’s songs on Youtube, songs from your culture, or even children’s favorite hits from the radio (if appropriate!). In the United States, there’s a very catchy old fashioned tune called “It’s My Party”, originally sung by […]

Bowling is a fun modern game and a great way to get up and move. Did you know that the earliest forms of bowling goes back to ancient Egypt? For this game we’ll recycle some bottles and have fun! Set up Time: 5 minutes Directions Tips If the empty bottles keep falling over, fill them […]

What teams can achieve together is amazing! Even when it doesn’t look like it, working with other people to achieve a common goal takes a lot of hard work, skill and communication but it’s all worth it when you are successful as a team. Set up Time: 5 minutes Directions Tips For young children, use […]

A fun way to get moving, work on listening, recall and gross motor skills! Set up Time: 5 minutes Directions Tips Challenge Ideas: Materials Materials Notes Alternatively, use folded blankets or painter’s tape. If outside, chalk works great. Learning Through Play Physical: Gross Motor – The possibilities of movement are endless! As you can see […]