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Managing Schedules and Payments During the Holidays

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Managing Payments and Schedules During the Holidays

During the holiday season, schedules are in flux, and it’s easy for child care providers and parents to get out of sync around schedules and payments. Even when there’s verbal communication on a calendar change, it’s easy to quickly forget the details seconds later as your attention is pulled away to another task. The solution? Written communication and confirmations. Here are some tips to make things run smoothly.

1. Have procedures and parameters outlined beforehand in your contract or handbook

You should include why scheduling changes are allowed (e.g. vacation, doctor appointments, holidays), how often they can be made, and what notice is required. This should be agreed on before services are performed.

2. Make changes well known

As a provider, if you’re giving parents an update in your availability or needed time off, make sure to put the details in writing, giving as much notice as possible. Don’t stop there. Communicate via text, email or Chat message, like those available in the Rayz Kidz app and request that the parents quickly reply with a yes to confirm they’ve received the information. Only when you’ve received confirmation should you consider the communication complete. Ask the parents to follow the same procedures so there’s no confusion on either side. Utilize scheduling tools, like those available in the Rayz Kidz app, so both sides can easily reference upcoming planned vacations, closures or other changes in schedules.

3. Discuss the payment along with the schedule change

Payment policies should be outlined in your contract or handbook. If parents will have to pay even when you’re not providing care, make sure they’re aware of that. If there are times when they can skip payment when they’re not using your service, make sure they understand the limits around that benefit. By having it clearly outlined and agreed on beforehand, you can avoid a lot of stressful misunderstandings.