This is a great way to introduce process art with young children. This activity is meant to take place over at least three days, and we highly encourage you to slow down and enjoy each part of the process. We outline the days below, so you can plan your week accordingly!

Set up Time: 10 minutes


Day 1: Paint the pasta. Invite children to paint different types of pasta with paint. We recommend you use at least 5 different colors.

Day 2. Cut shapes out of cardboard. Invite children to paint shape cut outs with paint.

Day 3. Gather your painted materials. Invite children to explore glueing the pasta on to the shapes.

Day 4. Artist’s choice! You can either make a group collage with the shapes and hang it on a surface that children can reach and touch. Or, add holes and string to each shape and hang them from a branch.


  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Cardboard
  • Various types of uncooked pasta

Learning Through Play

Cognitive: Planning – When finished with this activity, you can invite children to remember the process of creation. You can ask open-ended questions like “How did you make that? What did you do first? How long did it take?”.

Physical: Fine Motor – Painting pasta shells requires a lot of concentration from young learners but is also a low stakes way to explore art materials. This activity does not require perfection and it gives children an opportunity to explore paint, color, and sculpture.

School Readiness: Shapes – This is a great way to sneak in some practice with different shapes. Instead of worksheets, you instead include really cool modern sculptures in your learning area that celebrate children’s expression and creativity, and invite them to talk about shapes.

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