This is our recipe for “Snow Dough” which is a taste safe sculpting dough made from Marshmallow Fluff, cornstarch, and vegetable oil. Have fun making snowmen, or any other sculptures that inspire you!

Set up Time: 20 minutes


  1. Gather together marshmallow fluff, cornstarch, and vegetable oil.
  2. Add 1/4 cup of marshmallow fluff and 1/4 cup of cornstarch to a bowl. Mix it with a spoon. You may notice that little chunks start to form. Slowly add in about 1 tablespoon of oil to help bind the ingredients. Keep mixing, and add one more tablespoon of oil.
  3. Once the mixture starts to form a dough, it should be less sticky and you can try to mush it with your hands.
  4. Once you have a consistent dough, place the snow dough on a tray for children, with art materials to make snowmen. We used buttons and pipe cleaners!
  5. Invite children to sculpt!


  • Marshmallow fluff
  • Cornstarch
  • Vegetable oil

Learning Through Play

Cognitive: Connections – Talk to children about snow. Does it snow in your area? Why or why not? When does it snow? What do they like to do in the snow? How does snow feel?

Physical: Fine Motor – This dough is a little hard than play doh, so it is a great dough to challenge children to use their hand and arm muscles!

School Readiness: Counting – Counting buttons on snowmen is a great way to practice counting! Why do a worksheet about counting when we can do it in real life with real things?

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