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Soliciting Feedback to Improve Your Business

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Feedback isn’t something most people enjoy getting because it often includes things the feedback provider feels we’re doing wrong and should correct. It’s human nature to avoid looking at our flaws when possible. However, feedback is critical to your success as the owner of a family care program or as an in-home professional. Understanding the areas you can improve on and what improvements would be helpful allows you to see things from a different lens and develop as a professional.

Unless your client has a complaint and brings it to you, you generally have to ask for genuine feedback. Most people don’t readily share their opinions (beyond casual complaining) unless they’re prompted to. The easiest way to gather the information you want, and to give clients and employers the opportunity to share their ideas and suggestions with you, is to provide a convenient feedback form, either on paper or electronically. This gives you a quick and easy way to capture their thoughts in an organized and focused way. You can find several examples online.

Provide a sincere thank you regardless of the type of feedback you receive. Make sure to follow up on the information they give you. If they have tangible suggestions for improvement and you decide to implement those suggestions, let them know your plan of action and timeline. They’ll appreciate knowing you took their suggestions seriously and if there’s a problem, a solution is on the way.

Direct feedback is a great tool for improving the business side of your caregiving. Even though your focus is on providing quality care, providing quality support to the parents is important too.