Children love bears, and so do we! Bears exist in habitats all over the world, and they are fascinating creatures. Plus, many children love teddy bears that we snuggle when we go to sleep at night.

We love books about teddy bears, whether it is Corduroy by Don Freeman, Good Night, Little Bear by Richard Scarry, or Where’s My Teddy? by Jez Alborough. Use teddy bear pancakes as a way to explore the vocabulary of the body parts, the different sized circles, or other topics related to bears, like hibernation.

Set up Time: 10 minutes


  1. Invite children to help you mix the batter for pancakes.
  2. Make pancake circles of different sizes.
  3. Invite children to stack the pancakes and make their own teddy bear on their plate.
  4. Eat them, of course!


  • Pancake mix

Learning Through Play

Language: Vocabulary – Use this as a chance to explore the language of the body. Invite children to identify the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and paws of the teddy bear.

Social-Emotional: Self-Regulation – Talk to children about their stuffed animals. Do they like to sleep with a stuffed animal, such as a teddy bear? How does it make them feel? Why do they need it? This is a great way to talk about the emotions of feeling safe, cozy, loved, and ways that we can seek support when we need help falling asleep.

School Readiness: Measurement – Let’s explore the different circles that we use to make the teddy bear. Talk about the small, medium, and large circles that we use to make the face, body, and paws. Are teddy bears square with pointy edges? Or are they round and soft?

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