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The Special Things About In-Home Child Care

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There’s something special about the “in-home” caregiving environment. It’s not meant to be a substitute for a daycare or preschool. It’s meant to be a home where a trusted caregiver pays particular attention to a child’s learning and developmental needs. Here are just a few of the reasons why your workplace is so unique and awesome!

1. You Stay with Your Kids as They Grow
There are some daycares and preschools that have multi-age groups. However, most divide kids by age, so toddlers to tweens are moving to a new caregiver every year and only spending time with other kids in their age bracket. Only in-home care allows for a child to be cared for by one caregiver from infancy through the school years. This consistency of care is the foundation for healthy attachment and all the benefits it brings. It also allows them to engage with, learn from and develop relationships with siblings or kids younger and older than themselves. These rich experiences are things you cannot get in an infant room or toddler group.

2. Home is a Cozy Place
As an in-home provider, you have all the advantages of providing care in an actual home. You can bake cookies in the kitchen, curl up on the couch and read books, or cuddle up in warm blankets fresh out of the dryer on snowy days. You can make great memories of “home” for every child you care for.

3. You Can Still Do Fun Center or Preschool Stuff
Just because you’re in a home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all the fun things you’d find at a great daycare or preschool. From artsy bulletin boards to themed stations in the playroom to sensory areas in the backyard, you can design whatever environment you want. This freedom gives your imagination free rein over the unique space you create for you and your kids.

Caring for kids is a great job. Being able to do it in an in-home environment is even better.