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Three Ways Caregivers Can Support Parents

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Parenting is hard. Parents often don’t get much support around their parenting journey, however, caregivers who work closely with parents and their kids have the opportunity to offer small yet meaningful help. Here are a few ideas.

1. Show Appreciation for Their Effort
We often talk about how important it is to focus on the effort when dealing with kids. The same holds true for adults. No parent is perfect; however, you can find many things to appreciate about their effort if you look. Let them know how wonderful it is to see them slow down enough to hug and kiss their child every single morning, or how their child proudly shows off the notes left in their lunchbox, or how they strengthen the connection with their child by always ending the day with a bedtime story. Noticing and appreciating the effort parents put into good parenting, even when they’re not perfect, is just what they need to keep plugging along.

2. Non-Judgmental Resources
Parents often don’t want someone to tell them what to do or not to do, however, they often appreciate a helpful tip or resource that doesn’t have any judgment attached. When you come from a place of support and understanding rather than criticism, they’re able to hear what is being shared. A key to building a trusting relationship to share this information is open, transparent communication. Utilize systems to communicate such as the Rayz Kidz app — it will build the base of the trust and provides mechanism to electronically share resources with parents.

3. Normalize Their Big Feelings
Parents try to put on a brave face even when they’re feeling overwhelmed. Let them know it’s okay to feel angry, frustrated, impatient, anxious, stressed, or whatever they’re feeling. Assure them they’re allowed to have big feelings just like their kids are. Often, all they need is the validation that these feelings are normal and the perspective that other parents have been there too and that they’ll make it through.