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When to Communicate a Behavior Challenge

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We all know it’s best for kids when their parents and their caregiver are on the same page around behavior challenges. But does that mean as a caregiver you should loop the parents in on every issue that comes up during the day?

As a professional provider, you have the know-how, tools and strategies to handle the behavior challenges you face each day. With some of those challenges, you may need the support of the parents to help the child change direction and stay on track. That’s the perfect time to talk with the parents and develop a plan of action to support each other and the child.

With other challenges, you can provide support and coaching to parents who are struggling with the same challenges during their time. This is another great time to connect with parents about what you’re seeing and doing during your time. Helping the parents is one of the best ways to help the child.

However, most behavior challenges that come up during the day are simply kids learning. Learning about themselves, their feelings, their needs, their voice and their struggles. Learning about relationships – how things work with friends, kids that aren’t their friends, caregivers, teachers, coaches and everyone in their world. Learning about expectations, limits, boundaries and what it means to stay within them (and also to blow past them). Most behavior challenges are just part of a kid’s daily life and can be handled between you and the child. Looping the parents in unfortunately doesn’t make it easier or make your actions more effective, and it doesn’t provide extra support or guidance to the child. Looping parents in on every hiccup you face during the day usually just leaves the parents feeling overwhelmed and disheartened with nothing they can really do to help.

So, keep parents up-to-date on their kids, ask for and give help as needed, and rather than detail all the challenges you’ve already expertly handled, share some of the wins of the day. The Rayz Kidz app is a perfect way to share this information so you can keep that transparency and trust, and make them happy being in the loop about the kids day with photos and more. Check out all the helpful features and get started for free today!