What teams can achieve together is amazing! Even when it doesn’t look like it, working with other people to achieve a common goal takes a lot of hard work, skill and communication but it’s all worth it when you are successful as a team.

Set up Time: 5 minutes


  1. Start by finding something that can be used as a ‘base’ for the activity. It could be a tray, paper or cardboard. We used a kid’s tennis racket
  2. Grab small sized balls; even golf balls will work
  3. Place the ball in the center of the ‘base’
  4. Each partner then holds the base, with both their hands
  5. Have the partners walk together across the room holding the base, towards the bucket kept at the other end of the room and drop the ball in the bucket. The partners must make sure they don’t drop the ball and continue playing the game until they have dropped all the balls in the bucket.


For young children, use something with a lip edge, such as a baking tray so the ball doesn’t slip off as much.


For older children, make it competitive by seeing who can complete it the fastest. Or have them work together as a relay race and have them beat their own time.


  • Ball
  • Baking sheet

Learning Through Play

Physical: Gross Motor – Moving while balancing something takes lots of coordination, all while working with a teammate!

Language: Conversation – Have a conversation with children about teamwork. Reflect together about what was easy about this activity, what was hard, and how they found a method that worked for them.

School Readiness: Spatial Learning – Give children language to describe the ways the ball moved, left, right, across, down, around.

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