Physical Development

Human beings are incredible at using their bodies for a variety of tasks. Just watching different sports is a fantastic way to celebrate the human body: gymnasts as they leap and twirl, surfers as they balance on a surfboard, golfers as they swing with precision, swimmers as they race through water, and members of track […]

Proprioception, the sense of your body awareness, is sometimes referred to as the sixth sense. It’s not one that is talked about often, yet, it’s incredibly important! The sense of proprioception tells a person how close their body is to objects, how to move their body and the strength they need to apply. A child […]

Think of the midline as an imaginary line going down the center of your body. When a child can cross their midline’s, both sides of their brain are communicating to coordinate smooth, controlled movement. With this skill, both sides of the child’s brain are in communication so that movements can be coordinated and smooth. It’s […]

What is hand-eye coordination? Hand-eye coordination is the ability of the eyes to coordinate the information received and control, direct and guide the hands to do a task. It requires a combination of motor skills and the visual system. This can be writing, catching a ball, or doing a puzzle! Why do you need it? […]

What are fine motor skills?  Fine motor skills are the small actions that are done using the small muscle groups in the hands, fingers, wrists, feet, toes, lips and even the tongue! Fine motor skills are needed for playing, self-care skills, speech and a whole host of academic skills.  Why are they important? As your […]