What are fine motor skills? 

Fine motor skills are the small actions that are done using the small muscle groups in the hands, fingers, wrists, feet, toes, lips and even the tongue! Fine motor skills are needed for playing, self-care skills, speech and a whole host of academic skills. 

Why are they important?

As your little one starts coming into their independence, they’ll rely on their fine motor skills for the many new tasks they’ll want to do themselves. When Amelia wants to zip up her jacket before heading to the playground, she’ll have the muscles to do so. When Johnny sits down for lunch on his first day of preschool, he’ll be able to open his own sandwich bag. When Olivia wants to make a card for her Mom’s birthday, she’ll be proud she can open the marker caps on her own to draw a family picture. 

For more ideas for activities that help a child’s fine motor development, head to rayzkidz.com/category/physical-development