What is hand-eye coordination?

Hand-eye coordination is the ability of the eyes to coordinate the information received and control, direct and guide the hands to do a task. It requires a combination of motor skills and the visual system. This can be writing, catching a ball, or doing a puzzle!

Why do you need it?

Without well-developed hand eye coordination, a child may struggle with handwriting or playing sports. They may find it difficult to color in the lines, cut with scissors, string beads and perform other self-help tasks.  There are ways that you can build these skills through every day play at home so that when Maggie goes to a sleep over at her friend’s house, they can make friendship bracelets together. During art time at school, Justin will be able to cut out a paper snowflake to hang on the window like his classmates. At T-ball, Rae will experience her first joys of successfully making contact from bat to ball and running around the bases.

For more ideas of activities to help develop a child’s hand-eye coordination, visit rayzkidz.com/category/physical-development